Budget Wedding Video

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1139 Parsons Road Victoria, TX 77904
Rick Lemmons
Budget Wedding Video, 5.0 out of 5 based on 3 ratings


  1. Megan Drehr says:

    Where do I start, the man is a genius! He is fantastic behind the camera and as a person. This is vendor I would recommend to everyone. Why? You ask…..well first off his prices are reasonable. Second, he got my DVDs to me with in 2 1/2 weeks from my wedding. Third, is quality he provides a quality service and a quality product. I am please with my DVDs they are well put together and easy to navigate threw. He always had a smile and had fun with everyone. He was/is a savor we didn’t remember much from being so busy ,but with the video we could relive it and we have something we will enjoy for years to come.

  2. Christina Cornish says:

    Mr. Lemmons is a great videographer! He worked so well with my photographer my guest were starting to think we hired them together! He is very professional and I would definitely recommend him to capture your special moments. Pictures are great but watching the DVD is like reliving the moment you married your best friend. It makes me cry every time I watch my videos. You need to have something that you and your future husband can watch for years to come. Thank you so much Rick for making my day so special!

    -Christina (Trevino) Cornish

  3. Chanel says:

    Rick was absolutely incredible and I am so glad that I took the plunge and got a videographer for our wedding.

    I had read an article saying that the number one regret brides have is not getting a videographer. I am the type of person who hates the idea of “what if” and didn’t want to look back and wonder if I should have allocated a part of the budget to have a videographer or regret it if I didn’t…but I was also on a tight budget and didn’t want to skimp on something that felt like a big priority for the wedding (great catering, better alcohol, more expensive wedding invites, etc.) “just in order to have a video,” especially when I already had a photographer.

    please, Please, PLEASE – if you are debating having a videographer or not – DO IT! I have 1,200+ photos of my wedding and they’re beautiful…but they did not and could not capture the full effect of a happy tear rolling down my cheek, the wink I gave my mom as I walked down the aisle (I don’t even remember doing that!), the music playing from our first dance or the sassy, sweet, sentimental and special comments that were made on that day.

    Everyone says your wedding will fly by – and they’re right! But the film Rick provided allowed us to watch all those little moments that would have otherwise been lost, and I can’t say thank you enough that he was able to capture them.

    If you’re worried that “Budget Wedding Videos” will mean cheaply made, thrown together or lower quality – DON’T!! His work is beautiful and I have no idea why he doesn’t charge more but I was happy to see his prices and then absolutely blown away by the end result!

    There’s a reason Rick doesn’t have a single bad review – it’s because he’s friendly, incredibly professional and kind, blends in so you don’t even notice he’s there during the celebration and then in a very short amount of time after the wedding, he delivers a FANTASTIC product at a very reasonable price.

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