Accent Designs by Annette

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229 Huntington Drive, Victoria, TX 77905
Accent Designs by Annette, 3.0 out of 5 based on 6 ratings


  1. Ruthann Garcia says:

    Annette is such a resourceful lady. She is very good in all of her business.
    She has iminagination that is beyound words. She created my ideal wedding into a memorable event that will always be talk about. She is very sweet and patient and pays a lot of attention to your wants and needs. Her coordinations was very precise and down to details. I highly reccommend her to all who, especially when you want your day stress free.
    Thank you Annette and your crew for given my wedding day a dream come true.

  2. Evonne Miller says:

    Were are the tickets for the August 21 show
    that I have a recorded msg saying they would be on
    sale at midnight . No ticket info, you list our
    Wedding business.

  3. angela cantu says:

    You should be able to go to and purchase your tickets for the bridal expo. There is a link on the right hand side of the screen to purchase tickets.

  4. Joyce Garley, Owner Fashion Plus Boutique in Victoria Texas says:


    You really, really did an Outstanding Job with Bridal Expo 2011. In spite of the Negative Comments and people thinking that David Tutera was not going to be here. You did it in Grand Style. I must say all those that participated in the Fashion Show did an excellent job.

    I was elated to be a part of such a History Making Event. Thanks for everything. The show was Great.!!! and Victoria Texas is the richer for your putting the show together in such the way you did. You left no stones unturned. God Bless and Keep You Always. Much Love,

  5. Michelle Saenz says:

    Annette is a con and a fraud, she is money hungry or something. Annette did a QUINCENIERA for me and she took no people to help her set up so My husband, both my sons, and four of there friends, my self and two of my friends, the hall owner and the QUINCENIERA My daughter had to all help her. The whole purpose for hiring her was so that we wouldn’t have to do anything but no . and on top of that she is a thief but before i go into that she also didn’t bring the right colors that i asked for we did zebra and fushia and she forgot some fushia chair and table coverings she had some peach color and she says oh sorry iguess my people loaded the wrong boxes. But i didn’t pay for that i paid her for fushia and zebra well anyways, getting back to her being a theif PLEASE all who HIRE her be ware because she will con you… Ok my bank had a glitch and some customers accounts were deleted but then again reinstated and they notified the affected customers of the cituation and took care of it so they advised us to contact the clients that our checks had bounced and if they had any fees at their banks our bank would gladly take care of it.. So i call her and let her know and she starts by well my bank charges $30.00 and will never accept a check from u again and mind you this was my last quince pymt. so i tell her that is fine and send her a cashiers ck from my bank and she is supposed to tear it up and i have her recorded on a phone conversation that she admits to tearing it and i tell her but somebody put it back through the bank and cashed it and she had already been pd for it . she also says that maybe i made a mistake but its her signature and name well now she dont return my calls and is a lying thief !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Amy says:

    DO NOT USE ANNETTE FOR YOUR WEDDING, or any other kind of party. As others have said, she is incredibly disorganized. We met no fewer than six times, and discussed details at length. She would get details mixed up and I would constantly have to remind her of things she had forgotten. For my wedding, she got the size of tablecloths wrong, had fall floral arrangements with bright coral flowers mixed in with rusts and burnt oranges, totally forgot two cascading floral arrangements for the ceremony and countless other items. She puts herself out to be a wedding planner and as having floral services. She admitted to me that my wedding is the first she’s done with fresh flowers since August! Clearly she doesn’t do enough real weddings to have the experience she claims to have. My wedding was made so much more stressful because of her incompetence. Everything else was wonderful, but she was most definitely a black mark on my special day. Don’t make the same mistake I did!

  7. Monica says:

    Annette, is the best ever. Despite what Amy and Michelle have to say. they are just plain ignorant. That is why when you go and plan your event make sure you take the correct colors you want. Because pictures are deceving. Amy I can not believe you would not justify in your colors because i was at your wedding and the flowers that were originally made were beautiful. If you wouldn’t be such a BRIDEZILLA and a crybaby all would of gone smoothly. You are such a whinner. I would like to keep in touch with you to see how your husband is going to put up with your SHIT. As far as for Michelle you agreed on the assistance from your family and party goers. So you too should of had money in the bank. That goes to show you too how incompetent you are with handling money issues. Enough SAid because i could go on forever with these whininy B*@*H*S

  8. Karen G. says:

    I can not believe the things that Amy and Michelle posted here do not believe any of the Bullshit they wrote. Annette is one the best if not the BEST decorator in Victoria, Texas. She plans things well and sits down with her clients and goes over even the smallest detail to be sure that things are the way her Brides and Quinceanera Girls want their event to look.

    She will go out of her way to help make your day Special!! And she does it with creativity and style. You have to vist her for your self at her new location on Red River and you will see how Elegant and Organized her show room is. Annette is the best despite the negative comments. Visit her for yourself !!!

  9. Ann says:

    Annette is in the wrong buisness! She needs to go work for a garbage buisness because that was her career is. Trash! She is the most unorganzied, most unporfessional, most terrible wedding planner ever. She uses the same designs for every wedding and quince and never comes up with new things. If you want your day to be the same as everyone else’s and waste your money shes your women! She’ll forget appointments, wont answer her phone or emails, and get the dates wrong of your special day! Good day Annette! You and your buisness is trash!

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